Word Bubbles

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Flash games have taken the internet by storm; one cannot even imagine the type and varieties of games created so far. Innovation is going on and flash games are increasingly becoming trendier, deceptive with different genre of games. There are story games, there are word bubbles games, fun filled games and adventure games. Probably I cannot list here the different kind of games popping up in internet world.

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Word bubbles are my favorite flash game; probably because it is simple and straightforward. I love the different shapes and color of the bubbles; I am excited about the popping sound whenever I hit a bubble. I am tormented by the fresh set of bubbles appearing on my screen when I am sure I have reached the end. Flash games come with beautiful lay out and are dished out to the game enthusiastic with many exciting features. The features are voice acting, special effects, tons of different items with different degree of capabilities and capacities.
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